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Lajtha, Laszlo

Laszlo Lajtha(1892-1963), Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist and conductor, studied at the Academy of Music, then at Leipzig, Geneva and Paris. He taught at the Budapest National Conservatory, he was also director of Music for Hungarian Radio, director of Museum of Ethnography and of the Budapest National Conservatory. He composed 3 symphonies, orchestral music and film scores.

Lakshminarayana, V.

Dr. V. Lakshminarayan(1947- ), An acclaimed india violinist, composer and conductor, trained in classical carnatic music tradition and western classical music, and reknown for his virtuoso playing techniques and compositions in orchestral fusion.

Lamas, Jose Angel

Jose Angel Lamas(1775-1814), Venezuelan classical musician and composer, he was a main representative of the classical period of Venezuela. He dedicated his life to music and specifically religious music. He was able to play several ancient instruments.

Landaeta, Juan Jose

National Anthem of Venezuela
Juan Jose Landaeta(1780-1814), Venezuelan composer, he studied music with Juan Manuel Olivares in the school of Sojo Father, he formally attributed authorship of the "National Anthem of Venezuela", Gloria al Abravo Pueblo(1810), which president Blanco in 1881 declared the national anthem of Venezuela.

Landstad, Magnus B.

Mangus B. Landstad(1802-1880), Norwegian minister, psalmist and poet who published the first collection of authentic Norwegian traditional ballads. His greatest single achievement was the Landstad Hymn Book.

Lanier, Sydney

Sidney Lanier(1842-1881), American musician and poet, he began playing flute at an early age, later he played for the Peabody Orchestra in Baltimore, then became the first flurist of that orchestra. He was also a regular organist at the First Presbyterrian Church in nearby Prattville.

Lanner, Joseph

Joseph Lanner(1801-1843), Austrian composer/conductor, studied violin with Strauss(Sr.), led a dance orchestra in Vienna, composed over 200 pieces of music mostly waltzes, widely popular in Europe and America in the 1830's to 1840's.
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Lanza, Mario

Mario Lanza(1921-1959), Italian/American tenor, discovered by Koussevitzky and studied at the New England Conservatory, formed the Bel Canto Trio and sang mostly musicals and light operas. His most famous role was portraying "Caruso" in the film "The Great Caruso".

Lara, Augustin

Augustin Lara(1900-1970), Mexican popular songwriter, toured South America with success as a composer. He wrote over 600 songs, his most popular works were those on Spanish topics.

Laredo, Jaime

Jaime Laredo(1941- ), Bolivian violinist, violist and conductor, won 1st prize of the Queen Elisabeth International Competition in 1959, went to US and studied with Joseph Gingold and with Ivan Galamian at the Curtis Institute of Music, then taught there later. He appeared as a soloists with all the major orchestras of the world. He served as artistic advisor and conductor of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, 2008-2009. Currently he is a professor at the Indiana University, and conductor and music director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.

Lassus, Orlande de

Orlandus de Lassus(1532-1594), French-Flemish composer of the late Renaissance. He is today considered to be the chief representative of the mature polyphonic style of the French-Flemish school, and one of the most famous and influential musicians in Europe at the end of 16th century(the other Palestrina).

Laub, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Laub(1832-1875), Czech violinist and composer, studied at the Prague Conservatory and in Vienna, served as concertmaster in Weimar, played for court orchestra in Berlin, taught at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin, and Moscow Conservatory. He composed 3 operas and violin pieces.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lavallee, Calixa

Calixa Lavallee(1842-1891), French-Canadian-American composer, studied in Montreal, then moved to US and served in US Army. After WWII he returned to Canada and developed a career in music, conducted the orchestra of Montreal Academy of Music and Grand Opera in New York. He composed the national anthem of Canada "O Canada".

Lecuna, Juan Vicente

Juan Vicente Lecuna(1891-1954), Venezuelan composer, studied at the School of Music and declamation Institute of Fine Arts in Caracas. In 1918 he came to US and settled in New York for further study. In 1926 he returned to Venezuela.

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Lecuona y Casado, Ernesto

Ernesto Lecuona y Casado(1896-1963), Cuban composer, studied at the National Conservatory, Havana. He toured south America and Europe with a dance band; in 1943 he presented a program of Cuban music at Carnegie Hall.

Lehar, Franz

Franz Lehar(1870-1948), Hungarian composer and conductor, studied at the Prague Conservatory, leading Military band in Poland, Budapest and Vienna.
He composed operettas, his "The Merry Widow" in 1905 brought worldwide fame. His music is a perfect reflection of the geity and frivolity characterizing Vienna of the time.

Lehmann, Lotte

Leifs, Jon

Jon Leifs(1899-1968), Icelandic composer and conductor. He studied at the Reykjavik College of Music, and then in Leipzig(1916-22). He remained in Germany for several decades, conducting. Returning to Iceland, he founded the Union of Icelandic Artists, the Icelandic Composers' Society and served as adviser to Icelandic Radio. He composed orchestral music, string quartets, sacred and piano music.

Lekeu, Guillaume

Guillaume Lekeu(1870-1894), Belgian composer, in 1879 his family moved to Paris and he studied there with Cesar Frank and Vincent D'Indy. In 1891 he shared second prize, Belgian Prix de Rome. He composed string quartet, cello sonatas, piano sonatas, and orchestral works.

Lemba, Artur

Lemeshev, Sergei

Sergei Lemeshev(1902-1977), Russian operatic lyric tenor, studied voice at a school in Tver, then entered the Moscow Conservatory. He sang in the theaters of Sverdlovsk, Harbin, Tbilisi, and Bolshoi, he was the leading tenor at the Bolshoi until 1956. In 1941, he was awarded the Stalin Prize.

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Leonard, Nicholas

Nicholas Leonard(1886-1926), Romanian tenor, known as the "Prince of Operetta", he made his biggest reputation in this field. He was a great favorite in Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles. He also sang in such standard operas as "I Pagliacci", "Carmen", and "The Tale of Hoffmann".

Leoncavallo, Ruggero

Ruggero Leocavallo(1858-1919), Italian composer, studied at the Naples Conservatory, and also studied at the Bologna University in receiving his doctorate in literature. He toured as pianist, also visiting US to conduct his music. He composed operas(I Pagliacci, La Boheme, Zaza etc) piano music and songs.

Leontovych, Mykola Dmytrovych

Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych(1877-1921), Ukrainian composer. He studied in Seminaries and had consultations with Yavorsky(1909-1914). The most brilliant of Lisenko's successor, he collected and arranged Ukrainian folk music, his Shchedryk(1916) established him as the most popular Ukrainian composer.

Leopolita, Martin

Martin Leopolita(1540-1584), Polish organist, composer of the music of the Renaissance, court musician of King Sigismund II Augustus. Creator of several motets and masses.

Levay, Sylvester

The most successful German speaking musical
Elisabeth music composed by Sylvester Levay
Sylvester Levay(1945- ), Hungarian composer, he began his musical studies at the age of eight. He moved to Munich in 1972 and made successful theater works. From 1980 to 2000 he lived in Hollywood and concentrated on composing film music. He composed film scores and stage works.

Lewandowski, Louis

Louis Lewandowski(1821-1894), German composer of synagogal music, studied at the school of Composition of Berlin Academy. He was appointed in 1840 as choirmaster of the Berlin Synagague, he was the principle founder of the "Institute for Aged and Indigent Musicians". His works include chorus music, 40 Psalms, symphonies, overtures, cantatas etc.

Liadov(Lyadov), Anatol

Anatol Liadov(Lyadov)(1855-1914), Russian composer, studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, then studied with Rimsky-Korsakov privately, later taught at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, conducted the Imperial Russian Music Society Concerts. He composed orchestral music, prelude, etudes, and arrangements of Russian folk songs.

Libyan Musicians

Liebermann, Rolf

Lidholm, Ingvar Natanael

Ingvar Natanael Lidholm(1921- ), Swedish composer and conductor, studied music privately, a viola player with the Royal Swedish Opera orchestra, awarded the Jenny Lind fellowship and studied in France,Switzerland and Italy. He was music director of the Orebro Orchestra Society. He taught at the Royal Swedish Music College. His works reveal the influence of Nielsen and Stravinsky - drama works, orchestral and chamber music.
He composed "Stamp Music", which celebrated a stamp issue to honor the 200th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Lifar, Serge

Serge Lifar(1905-1986), French ballet dancer and choreographer of Ukrainian origin, famous as one of the greatest male ballet dancers of the 20th century. The Lifar International Ballet Contest which started in 1994 was named after him.

Lincke, Paul

Paul Lincke(1866-1946), German conductor and music publisher in Berlin, director of Folies-Bergere in Paris. Returning to Berlin he conducted at the Apollo Theater. His music "Berliner Luft" was very popular during his days.

Lind, Jenny(Maria)

Jenny Lind(1820-1887), Swedish soprano, studied at the Royal Opera School, Stockholm, made her debut in 1838 as Agathe(Der Freischutz), then sang in Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, London and US.

Lipatti, Dinu

Dinu Lipatti(1917-1950), Romanian pianist and composer, studied at the Bucharest Conservatory and then went to Paris to study, finally settled in Switzerland and taught at the Geneva Conservatory. He composed symphonic concertante and piano sonatas.

Lipinski, Karol Jozef

Karol Jozef Lipinski(1790-1861), Polish virtuoso violinist and composer, studied violin with his father, then played in his father's orchestra, later became a conductor of an opera orchestra. He went to Italy and met Paganini and performed together in two concerts. In 1820 he travelled to Berlin where he met Louis Spohr, and to Russia, and to Poland and concentrated playing violin, made concert tour throughout Europe, Poland, Russia. He composed 4 violin concertos, 3 symphonies, and violin pieces.

Lipkovski, Lidia

Lidia Lipkovski(1884-1958), Moldovian soprano, studied in Gymnasium for girls Kamenets Podolsk, and then at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. She was a professor at the Conservatoire de Chisinau, Odessa(1941-42), Cluj and Timisoara(1948-1949), then in Paris(1950-53). She sang on the stages of opera in Paris, Warsaw, Chisinau, Vienna, Rome, New York, and London. She was noted for her impeccable technique, her voice and stage presence. Her repertoire includes more than 60 roles in operas.

Lisinski, Vatroslav

Vastroslav Lisinski(1819-1854), Croatian composer, he was one of the founders of the Illyrian movement, the return to Croatian cultural heritage, as a reaction to Magyaisation during Austro-Hungarian rule. He composed the first Croatian opera, "Ljubav i zloba"("Love and Malice", 1846), others - orchestral, and choir music.

Liszt, Franz

Franz Liszt (1811-1886), Hungarian pianist and composer. In many ways the most brilliant of all pianist. At age 12 he gave very successful concerts in Vienna. In 1859-70, he lived chiefly in Rome, the Pope made him Abbe. He composed 2 symphonies, 13 symphonic poems, 2 piano concertos, 15 rhapsodies, piano music, and transcriptions of operas, symphonies ... etc

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Livadic, Ferdo

Ljubimov. Lev Vladimirovich

Lev Vladimirovich Ljubimov(1905-1977), Belorussian conductor, studied at the Moscow Conservatory. Between 1951 and 1964 he was chief conductor of the Belorussian State Opera. He was decorated as "People's Artist of the Belorussian SSR(1955), and professorship(1970).

Lloyd, Caroline

Caroline Lloyd(1924-1980), US-Venezuela composer, she wrote one opera Don Barbara(1967).

Lobo, Duarte

Durante Lobo(1565-1646), Portuguese composer. His considerable composition skill earned the respect of his contemporaries and recognition from the Portuguese royal court. Most of his works were published in 6 volumnes of liturgical music.

Loesser, Frank

Frank Loesser(1910-1969), American songwriter, lyricist and libretist, he worked in Hollywood, writing lyrics for films. He began writing his own music, scoring success with several patriotic songs and Broadway musicals. He won the Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Loewe, Frederick

Frederick Loewe(1901-1988), German/American composer of popular music, born in Germany, studied piano and composition in Berlin, emigrated to US in 1924, started composing Viennese style operettas, then wrote American musicals in collaboration with Allen Lerner, libretist. He also wrote film scores - Gigi, Camelot.

Lopez, Felix Maximo

Felix Maximo Lopez(1742-1821), Spanish composer and organist, served as a organist in various chapels. He composed organ music, most of them were lost, only some of them were recovered by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri.

Lopez-Garcia, Fernando

Fernando Lopez-Garcia(1906-1994), Portuguese composer, musicologist and pianist. He studied at the Lisbon Conservatory, also attended Lisbon University; taught at the Coimbra Academy of Music. He published books on Mozart, Chopin and Bartok. His early compositions reveal influence of Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Bartok.

Lortzing, Albert

Albert Lortzing(1801-1851), German composer, singer and actor, studied in Berlin but mostly seft-taught, he became the music director of the Leipzig Theater, and later served as music director of the Theater an der Wien, Vienna. He composed operas and theater music.

Lovenskiold, Herman Severin

Luca, Giuseppe de